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Homelab 2015.3

[This is a snapshot of the Hardware Page above, taken on March 7th, 2014. The hardware page above is a live document, where this post will remain static.] This is my home lab. It is something I have been developing, I … Continue reading

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Solaris 11.2, a perfectly timed release and how it saved me hours of resilver time.

Solaris 11.2 was released on July 31st, 2014, with the release brings version 35 of zpool among a many other things, most of which are irrelevant as a home user. However, with the new zpool version 35 there is an … Continue reading

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Thoughts and feelings on data storage implementations after four years of immersion.

This post is a commentary on my experiences so far with data storage and networking in a power-user-home-environment. With the intended audience being a person who is considering how to store their data.

With bit rot being something I’ve personally experienced long ago and lost data to, I couldn’t imagine storing my data on anything but ZFS from now on. Getting the correct software and hardware configuration just right for your use and needs is tough. I hope this post can illuminate your way if you are still trying to achieve data storage nirvana. Continue reading

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NAS v3

This is the 3rd revision of my home server setup. I’ve sold or am in the process of selling the remainder of every part from version 2.x. The only thing that remains is the data that’s been transferred to the … Continue reading

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Temperature monitoring with hourly reports to a CSV file.

I hacked this script together for an old good friend of mine. Recently one of his NAS drives bit the dust and among many of the paranoid questions I inquired was “Do you know the recent temperatures of the drives?” … Continue reading

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40TB NAS for under $3,000.

As a previous post stated, I have ran out of space on my 5.4TB NAS. New parts were ordered through Newegg.com and were in transit as this post was first being drafted. A 6TB rented external hard drive was used to backup … Continue reading

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Displaying SATA hard drive temperatures on Solaris 11 Express.

Coming from FreeNAS I used to pull up the Disk Info page on the WebGUI to conveniently check the hard drive temperatures. I did this mostly out of curiosity at the time, as the drives had a 120mm fan per three … Continue reading

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