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Raspberry Pi + Arch Linux + FDE + FreeRADIUS3, A low power RADIUS server for WPA2 Enterprise.

This post explains how to get RADIUS server running on a Raspberry Pi using Arch Linux on a nearly Full Disk Encryption SD card with the intentions of using it for WPA2 Enterprise EAP-TLS connections. Continue reading

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FreeBSD + Freeradius2 + EAP-TLS + ssl-admin, a WPA2 Enterprise Guide.

This is a guide written to help implement WPA2 Enterprise over a wireless network using only the most secure EAP protocol (EAP-TLS) for authentication. This is accomplished by using FreeBSD as a RADIUS server for 802.1X utilizing only EAP-TLS for verification. This guide doesn’t go into depth on how to secure and harden the FreeBSD machine much further, just enough to get freeradius2 using self-signed X.509 certificates configured and running.

This guide will also briefly touch on the wireless Access Point {AP} setup as an Authenticator and client (aka Supplicant in 802.1X terminology) setup on Apple OS X and Android. Continue reading

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A script to clean my car radio’s media thumbdrive of hidden files upon ejecting from OSX.

I bought a car stereo for the first time ever, one of it’s many features is a USB connection on the faceplate. I bought the smallest thumb drive I could find, removed the plastic housing, and have left it permanently … Continue reading

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A Neo Freerunner to replace the fossil that is my current mobile phone.

If you are unfamiliar with Neo Freerunner, its basically a 400Mhz computer that fits in your pocket, has aGPS, WiFi b/g, displays in VGA resolution of 640 pixels by 480 pixels, has two accelerometers, uses tri-band (850/1800/1900 Mhz) GSM and … Continue reading

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