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First second job of the year.

The new year brought on a new schedule at Motorola. Instead of working 5 days one week and 2 the next they changed it to 3 4. Which would of required me to work for 3 days without sleep. I had a hard time going 2 days without any sleep. I think on the third of January I decided to quit…coming to work that is. I left on a Wednesday and haven’t been back since. Actually turns out I started a trend, four other people that worked in my department decided to quit coming within a week of my departure. That is the first and last job I’ll be fired from, if it is even possible to get fired from a temporary job.

I now will be working at an antiques shop in Bedford, TX. It should be the best job I’ve had so far (best in terms of work and ‘work’ ratio). Basically from 10am until 5pm I will get to sit around, occasionally greet customers, and browse the internet. The job interview consisted of me asking "So when are you going to hire me?" and the response was "When are you going to start coming?" Continue reading

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Again with the two jobs.

Short Version:
After working 40 hours straight not even a near head on colision could over come the exhaustion (My heart rate didn’t even jump when a car had drifted into my lane).

Long Version: Continue reading

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Working 57.5 hours out of a 120 hour week.

I’m going to die. (And perhaps write about what I’m talking about when I get more than 7 hours of sleep a day.) Continue reading

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