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Two more days…

and it will be over, thankfully.

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My bad luck streak continues.

Today at work while running a route that I don’t particularly care for a 130 lbs. pitbull attacked me. It bit my right wrist and a my left hand. I went home early after going to the doctor on my … Continue reading

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Yellow center strip = two direction road.

While delivering packages in downtown Fort Worth, I parked on the left side of what I thought was a 1 way road. Well I come back out to a bicycle LEO writing out a parking ticket. I was delivering packages with a 8am commit time and it was 7:10am and I still had 9 stops to go.

The officer didn’t complete the ticket but handed it to me anyways. I’m going to contest it on that alone, otherwise its just a $25 fine and work doesn’t care because it wasn’t a moving violation. Continue reading

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Life of a swing driver.

Last week and weeks to come are passing twice as slow or perhaps seem twice as long. Last week I worked from 6:45am until 7:44pm everyday with a 1-3 hour break somewhere in between. I’m in a constant state of tired. But on the upside Chiquita will be paid for much sooner than expected. Which is a good thing because I want another motorcycle.

Its late and time to sleep.

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Ironically another visit with James Mallory

This time I was at work delivering a package. I saw the street name at the station and thought "I know that street, I’ve been on it. But where and when?" I was thinking and thinking, then realized "Oh yea." Continue reading

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Transferring from within.

Finally I’m transferring from the document sort that I’ve been working for 13 months to a courier position in downtown Fort Worth. I bid for the position on June 15th, I was starting to get discouraged due to the what I thought was a long time to process the job bid. So I called up the manager directly and asked if I had the job and when I could start. He claimed I should get the acceptance letter by Monday of next week and be able to transfer by July 20th. I’m so excite, something rare for me (at least if its not car related). The best part of this transfer is I’ll be getting a decent amount of hours (30, so its technically still considered part time. And being part time is temporary, in August I will get full time hours if I choose), increased pay, and won’t have to listen to a bunch of cranky old ladies up beyond their bedtime. Continue reading

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The limits of eBay and PayPal.

Last month Shane and I have made a contact with a wholesaler / cell phone refurbisher in Dallas. We took about a week or so doing our own thing in terms of selling the way we wanted. We were unsuccessful. So we started doing it their way. Soon we were selling approximately ten phones a day. We make a $7 flat rate plus 9% of the final price per phone. Needless to say the pay per hour even considering the resources we use is fairly good.The cell phone market on eBay is quite large and as such eBay’s SafeHarbor and PayPal’s Security Teams are hypersensitive about remotely possible fraudulent transactions. A week ago PayPal got worried that we didn’t have the phones we were selling and required business information, tracking numbers for transactions, invoices from our suppliers, and wanted to do a credit check on my address. We soon submitted the information they requested and waited for a response. Our account was limited in that we could not send money out in any fashion or close the account. Seems simple but when you receive close to $1000 a day for payment for phones it adds up.All was good except that we couldn’t access the money we were making. But yesterday eBay threw in the towel for us. We no longer can list on eBay. My guess is because we can no longer pay the fees due to the PayPal account being frozen; that eBay is going to restrict us until we can. In just one month we were charged $417.37 for fees on eBay. Although we received $7757.95 in pre-fee PayPal payments. So 5.4% isn’t too bad in fees from eBay, don’t get me wrong having that in pocket would be nice but it is what it is.We are still waiting on PayPal to get back to us on our limited account. Something about verifying the tracking numbers we supplied. Continue reading

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