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Getting iDRAC6 working outside of IE with Java 8

A quick walk through of getting iDRAC virtual console working on various platforms with details of Java 8 on Windows. Continue reading

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Solaris 11.2, a perfectly timed release and how it saved me hours of resilver time.

Solaris 11.2 was released on July 31st, 2014, with the release brings version 35 of zpool among a many other things, most of which are irrelevant as a home user. However, with the new zpool version 35 there is an … Continue reading

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Burnt IC replacement project.

Recently I purchased a used rack mountable 16 outlet power strip (Synaccess netBooter NP16) which has both serial console access and network access. This is a really cool piece of gear as it allows you to remotely turn on individual power outlets … Continue reading

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Wireless SSIDs tied to VLANs using a Cisco Aironet and pfSense

This guide goes over how to configure multiple wireless SSIDs tied to VLANs for separation of traffic for privacy. Continue reading

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Thoughts and feelings on data storage implementations after four years of immersion.

This post is a commentary on my experiences so far with data storage and networking in a power-user-home-environment. With the intended audience being a person who is considering how to store their data.

With bit rot being something I’ve personally experienced long ago and lost data to, I couldn’t imagine storing my data on anything but ZFS from now on. Getting the correct software and hardware configuration just right for your use and needs is tough. I hope this post can illuminate your way if you are still trying to achieve data storage nirvana. Continue reading

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Joined the IPv6 Bandwagon

My ISP has been assigning IPv6 /128 addresses for a while. My ISP has also just recently started offering /60 addresses. pfSense has been implementing better support for IPv6 as well in their snapshots. Here is a speed test on IPv4 … Continue reading

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Switching to Fiber Channel for SAN access. Part 1

As I have learned more advance features of VMware’s virtualization products my rack has slowly been filling up with servers. With the increase of servers there has been a steady increase in the amount of traffic to my SAN server … Continue reading

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