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A conversion to the Android OS via the Nexus One from the perspective of a long time Apple / iPhone fan boy.

Let’s start off by giving some perspective on the writer’s tech background. I started out using Yahoo as my primary search engine when I came to the computing world but found the front page to be full of bloat. Around … Continue reading

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No more iPhone.

I sold the iPhone and bought a Nexus One. The iPhone was too slow despite some great software and userability (like drivability.)

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A complete idiots guide to going from a stock iPhone to software unlocked and jailbroken iPhone.

This example is performed on the original first generation iPhone on a Hackintosh (any OSX version will work; sorry you Windows suckas, concept will be similar). I will include links for the 3G. The 3GS requires you to use purplesn0w. … Continue reading

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