Category Archives: How To is down; I need some packages, what do I do now?

Okay, so your system had a complete failure without any working snapshots to rollback on or you simply need a few packages and is down. What do you do now? Well thankfully Oracle has added this new feature called … Continue reading

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OS X Lion – Getting rid of the static / noise from using a Voodoo HDA Kext

This is a simple fix to fix the static noise you get from what I imagine is electronic spill over. I stumbled on this fix after many hours of tinkering to get my Gigabyte GA-EP43T-USB3‘s ALC888 audio chipset to work … Continue reading

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How to keep photos safe while on vacation.

This is a script I wrote to backup a friend‘s photos from his Compact Flash cards to both a USB drive and a remote server while he visiting Japan for the next month. This script also verifies data transfers by … Continue reading

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Displaying SATA hard drive temperatures on Solaris 11 Express.

Coming from FreeNAS I used to pull up the Disk Info page on the WebGUI to conveniently check the hard drive temperatures. I did this mostly out of curiosity at the time, as the drives had a 120mm fan per three … Continue reading

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A script to clean my car radio’s media thumbdrive of hidden files upon ejecting from OSX.

I bought a car stereo for the first time ever, one of it’s many features is a USB connection on the faceplate. I bought the smallest thumb drive I could find, removed the plastic housing, and have left it permanently … Continue reading

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Enabling blocklists on FreeNAS 0.7.2 with Transmission

Well it seems by default the scripts in FreeNAS will disable and rewrite any changes to get blocklist to work by manually editing the configuration file for Transmission. You’ll need to modify the file responsible for rewriting the configuration on … Continue reading

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