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Posting using 8pen.

I’m not much one for trying new keyboards for mobile platforms but this one caught my eye. T9 was the first fast keyboard but hardware keys have been obsolete for sometime now. Hardware keys were nice because you could text … Continue reading

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A conversion to the Android OS via the Nexus One from the perspective of a long time Apple / iPhone fan boy.

Let’s start off by giving some perspective on the writer’s tech background. I started out using Yahoo as my primary search engine when I came to the computing world but found the front page to be full of bloat. Around … Continue reading

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Going from a modified state on a Nexus One, back to stock, and then to Froyo FRF91

I originally wrote this guide to revert my modified N1 back to stock configuration. The reason I wanted to go back to stock is I wanted to install Froyo before there was a binary available from any dev such as … Continue reading

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Clockworkmod “MD5 Mismatch” Fix

I received this error while trying to flash to a nandroid image that I used to recover earlier the same day. Thinking that perhaps one of the files became corrupt while transferring the files off the SD card and back … Continue reading

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