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A rant on privacy, the interwebs, and publicly accessible information.

Years ago I read a news article in which an employee was terminate for the contents on his personal blog. One of his post was something his employer did not agree with, the article was requested to be removed, and was, but the employee still … Continue reading

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With warm weather comes awesome riding.

Sunday was a crazy day. It started off as a mild jog through twisties. The day progressed and we were invited to ride with one of DFW’s best stunters through twities; at first I thought “How fun is it going … Continue reading

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This current economic weather.

Seems like ‘great depressions’ are just temporary reversions to a time before consumerism, where focus was saving and need rather than desire and living like a baller. “You have taken over the job of creating desire and have transformed people … Continue reading

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Alright, this is getting a bit ridiculous.

Linux describes two things. Linux first describes a kernel, the very root of an operating system. A kernel establishes communication between the hardware and the software. Linux can also describe an entire operating system running the Linux kernel. The reason for this double meaning is due to the laziness of people. The proper term for the latter is linux distribution or linux distro for short; a distribution of softwares making a complete (or mostly complete) operating system.

So are you fugging kidding me:

It doesn’t aggravate me that its a religion based distro. I mean sure I’ll question what makes Christians different aside from getting saved because they’ve submitted their hearts to Jesus. And I continue to question why the hell if you have that much why do you need to start getting into other people’s kool-aid? The maintainers for Ubuntu Christian Edition have added approximately 15 packages which are probably available through the built-in package manager and changed a whole lot of text and graphics flashing their re-badge. I suppose ultimately it annoys me that this distro is on; the maintainer is pretty selective about which distros he wants to keep up with or at least used to be. Back in the day he wouldn’t keep up with a particular distro that I favored, so I guess I’m still a little bitter about that.

But if you are truly interested it is available at: Continue reading

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10 issues to come to terms with before signing a joint 13 month apartment lease.

10) Thought it lowers the rent, having two roommates who are in some way socially inept is not cheap on your sanity.

9) If you have a short fuse you need to immediately find a way out of the lease. I would suggest joining the army, become incarcerated, or fake your death as you don’t want to become incarcerated after killing one of your roommates.

8) Box cutters, lighters, torches, napalm, butterfly knifes, machetes, and axes should all be stored in a storage unit at least 8 miles from the apartment as it will take about 8 miles before you cool down, sometimes. And optimally on the bottom of all the other boxes as one last attempt to slow you down from doing something incredibly stupid.

7) Opt for a porch so you can pseudo smoke and burn stuff in general to relax.

6) A $14 keyed lock for your room provides piece of mind when you aren’t at the apartment and conserves what little sanity you have left when you are there.

5) Like law school, if you are in a relationship stay in it and if your not keep it that way. Additional drama won’t help your disposition.

4) A theory of ‘well its split three ways’ is not a good conservation method. When everyone/majority in that system has that mentality it only drives the price up.

3) Stolen/borrowed/"ooops I thought it was mine" incidences involving food will cause more uproar then any other misunderstanding. Sleeping with someone else’s ‘girl’ is not as bad as taking cake from a fat kid.

2) A shared internet connection is like a three-some, someone isn’t getting the ass they wanted.

1) Boiling water in an open pan will evaporate away and a closed one will boil out after an explosion of energy, its about how you want to present your discourse. Continue reading

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Indigo Pointe at Western Center

As I’ve previous posted, I’m moving out of the house I’ve been living at for the last 14 months or so. Living at this house has been nice, at least for the most part: 15 MB/ps internet service, every channel available through Charter including the On-Demand channels, garage bay, small walk-in closet, and a static bill for rent and electric of $500/month. Well I’m moving out because I need to consolidate my stuff, it will be closer to a highway/work, and I’ll be moving into an apartment with reduced rent overall.

So back to the post topic. Indigo Pointe was the apartment complex that my other two roommates were very impressed with and overall liked. I check it out, it seemed fairly good. The staff seemed intelligent, the complex was recently built, has largely professional occupancy, has nice amenities, located within 1/2 mile of two major highways, and reduced rent from where I was currently residing. First impressions can be deceiving.

I’m employed by UPS and they are one of many companies that utilize to handle their employee’s employment verification and salary confirmation. TWN is a company that keeps up to date information on subscribed employers, their employees, and the respective salaries so that other companies such as an apartment complex can verify said employee’s employment with company X.And again I digress, we (Shane, Aaron, and I) decided that moving into Indigo Pointe was the apartment complex we wanted to move to (each with our own reasons) for the 13 month term as per the companies policy. Before we sign the lease agreement Indigo Pointe wanted to verify each of our employment and salary, in case an additional refundable deposit was required and explicitly states in the lease agreement. Aaron and Shane’s were easy to verify as both of their manager just signed a piece of paper claiming they made X amount. Of course with myself working at UPS, Indigo Pointe has to verify my employment via The Work Number rather than my manager. My current manager claimed it was due to liability issues but I usually take what he says with a grain of salt. He tends to say no if he doesn’t know the answer, so aggravating for me because if he says no I’ll ask at least 3 other managers at the hub to get a consensus.Our original move-in date was June 23rd. It was my opinion that if I had paid Indigo Pointe $35 as an application fee, that fee covers my employment verification as well. The sales associate, Dee, was the person in charge of all of dealing with Indigo Pointe. Dee claimed that I had to pay the fee and fax them a copy of TWN’s report on me to them. I told her I thought it was bullshit that I had to do all the leg work to verify my employment and pay the fee. I made it clear that I absolutely disagree with that policy. I might have been a little irate, so she gave me corporate’s number. I called them, explain the story to have the receptionist, who after I finished informed me that I would have to call the regional manager’s office. I call the regional manager, it goes to voicemail, I leave a message and wait 24 hours. After not receiving a call back I call corporate up again and suggest their regional manager is on vacation "Who else can I speak with?" I get the Vice President’s Number. I call it, goes to voicemail, Leave a message, wait about 6 hours, no call back, call them again, voicemail again, wait an hour, call them again, voicemail again, wait 30 minutes, call them again. FINALLY he answers, I inform him I don’t agree with a ‘policy’ one of the offices is upholding, I tell him I already paid an application fee which will cover the employment verification as well, at least the leg work of it. He informs me he will call the office and speak with Dee directly and deal with the issue. So I think I’m in the clear.Today I was curious weather or not we are going to be moving in on the rescheduled July 15th so I call up the office. "Is Dee in, I was curious to know if she had verified my employment." "Oh Dee is not going to be coming in until 10am today. Could I get your number and have her call you back?" "Sure." Dee calls at 10:30am, "Hello" I answer "Hello……………" waiting for me to say something? For some reason she is asking for 30 days worth of pay stubs, I tell her I have direct deposit and don’t keep up with them. "What about a bank statement with the deposits? We are also going to need for you to have your manager sign off on your employment." I’m already on a short fuse because I had to run a errands (legal) in the morning and only got one hour of sleep. Continue reading

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PSA: Elaine Miller at Brown Sugar Antiques screws another over.

The antique shop I worked at at the beginning of the year, the shady one, the one who’s owner thought paying me $3.47 an hour would be alright. Yea that one. It turns out someone else started working there on March 26, 2007, quit by April 18, 2007, and threatened a suit to claim money for unpaid work by April 30th, 2007.

If anyone is searching Craigslist and comes across an ad in Bedford, Texas for an antique shop perhaps with a title similar to the ones below don’t bet on getting paid or getting paid much.

"Great, easy, job for extra ??? (retiree or student encourage to apply)"
"Responsible, Mature, Honest Sales Person needed"
"Looking for a person/student to work in antiques shop."

This store is located at:
Elaine Miller
Brown Sugar Antiques
1937 Bedford Rd.
Bedford, TX Continue reading

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