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Shopping for auto and motorcycle insurance.

Back in March I saw my grandfather. During one of our visits he was shopping for insurance. Rather getting quotes from other insurance agents to, as he put “Make sure I’m not getting screwed by those dirty fuckers.”

I suppose that influenced my decision to get quotes from multiple agents for the motorcycle I plan to purchase in May. I started off by getting a quote from my current agent.

What’s getting insured:
The three bikes I’m currently looking at and getting quotes are:
2006 Honda CBR 600RR
2006 Honda CBR 1000RR
and a
2002 Honda RC51

Plus I had them give me a quote for the two cars currently on my policy (as a frame of reference):
1993 Nissan 240SX/SE
1998 Saturn SL1

Who is getting insured:
White Male
Under 25 years of age
0 Reported Accidents
0 Tickets have made it to my driving record.
Defensive driving discount
CDL Holder

The Quotes:


For full coverage and a $1000 deductible:
06 1000 would be
  3585.23 per year,
  1792.62 per 6 months,
  or 298.77 per month.
06 600 would be
  1186.44 per year,
  593.22 per 6 months,
  or 98.87 per month.
02 1000 would be
  2321.85 per year,
  1160.93 per month,
  or 193.49 per month.

For liability on the two cars:
  1434.36 per year,
  717.18 per 6 months,
  or 119.53 per month


Full coverage with $490 deductible: 
2002 Honda RC51 would be
  3440.00 per year,
  1720 per 6 months,
  or 286.67 per month.

For liability for the two cars:
  1172.20 per year,
  586.10 per 6 months,
  or 97.69 per month.

He ran the RC51 first and after I saw the price, he took the jaw drop as a do not continue. I’m going to be contacting him again for a $1000 deductible for all three bikes as I just noticed the $490 deductible.

State Farm:

For full coverage and a $500 deductible:
2006 Honda CBR 600RR
  1440.00 per year,
  720 per 6 months,
  or 120 per month.

2006 Honda CBR 1000RR
  1440.00 per year,
  720 per 6 months,
  or 120 per month.

2002 Honda RC51
  1320.00 per year,
  660 per 6 months,
  or 110 per month.

For liability on the two cars:
  1402.72 per year,
  701.36 per 6 months,
  or 116.89 per month.

The quote from State Farm for the bikes seems to round and optimistic. I’m going to ask for another quote sent via email.

One of the very few times where being white screws you; plus I’m sure the unmarried and under 25 years old does not help either. Continue reading

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Rather be ticked off, than pissed on.

In the past two days I’ve managed to piss off three people, mostly unintentionally.

I pissed shane off mildly by using all of his plates. Two of them were clean in the dishwasher but he wasn’t aware of that. Ooops, but seriously, there is something wrong with the plates I own. I put them in the mircowave and I can’t touch them for 10 minutes. His, even after being in the microwave for 5 minutes the plates are practically the same temperature as when they were put in.

Then tonight I pissed off my brother who was getting hounded by my mother. Apparently my brother’s girlfriend sent him breast shots accompanied by suggestive text messages. Her parents found out after grounding her due to poor performance at school. He’s been quite defiant lately (since turning 14) and does not get the concept of parental legal responsibility. I had to explain the concept to him after giving his mother a lot of shit about the stuff she owns that he uses. My brash way of putting things went against his grain of being a bad ass/radical like his idol Tyler Durden.

Then I almost sent my roommate into rage when I assess an extra $40 to his $22.23 internet bill because he paid me late. Late is late and business is business. Really when I put that clause in the roommate contract I didn’t expect to have to use it; but I have; twice. I’ll end up the one short because I paid the full amount on the deposit which will all probably go to fixing the door. Which didn’t break itself, when the privacy lock was set and no one answered the door.
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Fair use?

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There are few things in this world more unsettling than…

…going in the back to grab some condiments and end up staring at a huge, steaming pile of cock.” ~ Waiting (2007)

I noticed while browsing through my server logs (awstats more specifically) that I was getting hit from a domain that I had never heard of. And it was for images, not actual visits to my site.

So I check it out, start going through the Apache logs, turns out a moderator for some ricer forum was using this photo that was hosted on my server for his signature.

Having a similar prank pulled on me a while back, I decided to caption the photo from with the moderator’s screen name and swap it for the one he is direct linking as his signature.

Courtesy Shot (minus some of the graphicness):
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Yeah, when it’s your money, it’s fascinating.

On Monday night I had my old manager rebalance my 401k with the company. His biggest passion in life is his 401k and helping others setup or maintain theirs. Because it was after the market closed the changes wouldn’t become effect until the next closing. So today was the first day of the new stocks. Originally I had it horribly unbalanced. He literally spent 2 hours tweaking it. And this is while he is suppose to be tending to the herd; I mean planes were late, a bulk shipment was inbound, and people were calling it; didn’t phase him, he had a project. Its pretty much set for the next few years; when I will pull a small small percent off into a bond type account.

So anyways this being the first day of the new stocks; I check it. Up $40; freakin’ awesome. (The ones with check next to the name are ones I have money invested in.) Continue reading

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Quote of the day.

"For all of those who think there is something wrong with you, there probably is, they just haven’t named it yet." Continue reading

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Two pyromanics on a day when its acceptable.

A friend at work owns a fireworks stand in Cottondale, TX. I told her I’d drop by with my brother so he could stock up for a year. I picked up him at my mother’s house, I was sort of surprised when my mother was in the kitchen. I was under the impression she would be out of town for three weeks to go to Florida. So anyways we are driving out to Cottondale, which is BFE further than Saginaw, Azle, and Rhome. I was cruising at 85 and my brother notices and asks "Do you ever do the speed limit anymore since you bought that Valentine One?" I replied "I thought I was, the V1 hasn’t made any noise yet." We showed up and got hooked up. Filled a box with cardboard and gunpowder. It took 4 hours to blow it all up with three people; so much for a year’s worth. Continue reading

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