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No 3G in Santa Fe, NM.

That’s right there is no 3G coverage from any carrier in Santa Fe New Mexico. WTH seriously? And from what I saw the only city that does have 3G in New Mexico is Albuquerque (still spell check that one most … Continue reading

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The house is for sale now, the clock is ticking.

He is asking $144,900 for the house. Which is $39,500 over what it was appraised for from Tarrant Appraisal District. I heard him make a comment about how he wishes it doesn’t sell which makes since because who wants to … Continue reading

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Well this is a bugger.

Well I think I just got an eviction notice; more or less. The owner of the house recently had a lot of family issues come up (mother’s bad health, half sister abandonned 5 children onto him & sister & mother, … Continue reading

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Mostly out of the old place, into the new.

I’ve moved, mostly that is. Today I finally had the door repaired by some mexican (not being tacky, he is actually from Mexico and understand fix and broken in English everything else is a crap shoot) guy that actually worked on my new/current roommate’s house.

The apartment still has some imperfections that we (old roommates) need to fix before turning in the keys on Thursday. A few things are still dirty/trashed.

The new place is on whole much better. I now only have one roommate, who is much more mature than the previous roommates. And I now have access to a garage, cable internet, cable TV, and more storage space.

I’d like to continue typing but I am still high from inhaling chlorine all day from cleaning and I need to sleep before working all day tomorrow.

Oh yes, and my frame sliders fell off, fell off because of the wind. I kid you not, one of them is gone forever somewhere between Waffle House in FW and the industrial zone of Euless off 360. Looks like I’m going to have to get replacements.
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A change soon in housing.

Well I have a little more than 14 days to move out. I’ve more or less cleaned out my closet (bunch of junk I’m not willing to let go) but my room still needs to be packed.

I found a roommate/home owner in E Fort Worth who was/is renting out a large room (14" x 12"), two closets (4" x 2" each), exclusive access to a bathroom, and a garage spot for $450 all bills paid (Electric, water, wireless internet, and basic cable). Plus he is pretty cool, positive outlook on life, and is gay; but he is a hick. Pretty attractive given his age; but that itself is a problem for me.

This will be a huge improvement from my current predicament which has seemed to gotten worse because the internet connection has diminished in quality/speed; management is changing quarterly; and they recently changed the gate access to an exclusive key fob which sucks when you are riding a motorcycle and have to kill your motorcycle in order to get in. Oh well this chapter will be over in 14 days.

Oh yea I have a guy coming over to fix the door I kicked down about 10 months ago (damn it was still cold then too). Continue reading

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An update on the apartment.

Well I’m tired of the apartment I’m living in. At first the 3 flights of stairs was thought of exercise now a choir after working all day. Sharing walls was not so bad at first because no one lived in the adjacent apartments; now the occupants downstairs have screaming matches on the weekend and one of the kids thinks he is the next American Idol, his favorite song "I write sins not tragedies." by Panic at the Disco!. Parking remarkably limited and not aided by the fact that some of the jackass that live here don’t know how to park in a single space in the middle of the intended spot. Continue reading

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Boredom and drama at the apartment.

Well we still don’t have anyway of getting cable/satellite service in the apartment due to not having a balcony and because the property owners sold out to AT&T in exchange for our inconvenience. I think AT&T’s Uverse is available here but it would cause additional drama here which I don’t want to deal with. (Only 1 HD channel can be watched for the household at any given time. And there are two HD TVs here.)

But with this new found boredom I’m finding myself reading more. Mostly law related material, I find it the most interesting.Tidbit: its perfectly legal to evict a tenant that has been convicted of Public Indecency under the Penal Code Chapter 43 who has "exhausted or abandoned all avenues of direct appeal from the conviction." [1] You’d probably have to cite the legal code in your written notice to the tenant but he couldn’t challenge it and expect to win. And it isn’t limited to the tenant, the scope of the law broadens it to "agent or employee of the tenant or occupant." [1][1] Texas Property Code Title 8 Chapter 91 Sec. 003.Texas Statues Continue reading

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