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New computer: My review of my HP m9340f and OSX86 (iDeneb).

Well not so new, I bought it back in March. And while I have been enjoying the 6GB of RAM daily, I haven’t really utilized the system fully. That is until today. I have been practicing escapism this week by … Continue reading

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240SX has been sold.

to a Viet family, as were the original owners. I hope they have as much fun in the car as I did. I wish them the best on that journey.

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Fort Worth Police Department using Stalker LZ-1 lidar

Just yesterday while on the road I noticed a Fort Worth LEO using a Stalker laser speed detector. I didn’t believe my friend a few months ago when he claimed lidar was being used by FWPD. Now you know. Thanks … Continue reading

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Installing a Valentine One and VizAlert on the motorcycle.

Some people simply don’t like getting cited, others can not because of their driving license class, and other just like to be in the ‘know’ but whatever the reason installing a radar/laser detector on a motorcycle has been a practically … Continue reading

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This current economic weather.

Seems like ‘great depressions’ are just temporary reversions to a time before consumerism, where focus was saving and need rather than desire and living like a baller. “You have taken over the job of creating desire and have transformed people … Continue reading

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Only in Texas…

…can you get a swing in the highs from 78 degrees F to 32 degrees F in one day.

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Side projects.

Lately I’ve been working on a PHP/MySQL project for logging vehicle maintenance, gas, and aftermarket parts so I haven’t been doing much else like riding and such. A quote I like: “You must learn from the mistakes of others, You will … Continue reading

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