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A rant on privacy, the interwebs, and publicly accessible information.

Years ago I read a news article in which an employee was terminate for the contents on his personal blog. One of his post was something his employer did not agree with, the article was requested to be removed, and was, but the employee still … Continue reading

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Thoughts and feelings on data storage implementations after four years of immersion.

This post is a commentary on my experiences so far with data storage and networking in a power-user-home-environment. With the intended audience being a person who is considering how to store their data.

With bit rot being something I’ve personally experienced long ago and lost data to, I couldn’t imagine storing my data on anything but ZFS from now on. Getting the correct software and hardware configuration just right for your use and needs is tough. I hope this post can illuminate your way if you are still trying to achieve data storage nirvana. Continue reading

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A suggested addendum to dating sites’ user policies.

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Hooked on phonics didn’t work for me.

Have you ever wondered how to pronounce a word? Or even more embarrassing, thought you knew how to say a word only to be corrected after saying it wrong? Well is a great site that should put an end … Continue reading

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Texas Proposed Amendment Number 2

    Well it seems that 76.79% of the voting population of Texas is ignorant or at least closed minded; as the recent vote for an amendment to the Texas constitution that defined marriage as between “a man and a women” was passed today.    It would be best not to view this incident as a lose, more as unwon this time around. I personally view marriage as a largely social substance. Granted there are perks such as benefits through insurance plans via employer. And last rites issues in addition. But at any rate time will permit homosexual acceptance and eventually marriage. We are just another group that the general public view (mostly through religion) as unwelcomed. Continue reading

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