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After the crash I decided to change the fork oil (what was left anyways, apparently it had been leaking a while.) I believe the lack of fork oil was one of the primary cause (well, except for the excessive speed) … Continue reading

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I’ve joined the club.

That is the club: “those who have fell down on a motorcycle.” Earlier this week I wrecked the motorcycle going North on 820 by dragging my bars against a car that moved over further than I had anticipated. AND no … Continue reading

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Another incident with my chain.

While leaving work today exiting out of a freeway u-turn I started revvving up to get onto the highway. Well something hit me on my back, I had just removed something from the tail section so I thought my seat … Continue reading

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With warm weather comes awesome riding.

Sunday was a crazy day. It started off as a mild jog through twisties. The day progressed and we were invited to ride with one of DFW’s best stunters through twities; at first I thought “How fun is it going … Continue reading

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Installing a Valentine One and VizAlert on the motorcycle.

Some people simply don’t like getting cited, others can not because of their driving license class, and other just like to be in the ‘know’ but whatever the reason installing a radar/laser detector on a motorcycle has been a practically … Continue reading

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The moto…

Lately I haven’t been riding as much and as such have more money due to the lack of replacing oil/tires/chains/etc which is going to be needed for this economic storm approaching. If the dive in my 401k is any indication … Continue reading

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Another track day this time I’m going to participate.

But not riding on the track, I will be watching a corner as a ‘corner watcher.’ What the hell is a corner watcher you ask? “A cw (corner worker) is a person that is stationed near a section of a … Continue reading

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