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Rockin’ the stock struts and springs again.

Well today I removed the KTS coilovers I had been rockin’ for 5000 miles. I took the car out for a short spin around the block, omg drives like a boat now. Body roll like hell; but for some reason … Continue reading

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Automotive Machine comes through again for the bike.

Automotive Machine not only gave me the thread size of a the nut I brought to them but they also allowed me to borrow a die and tool to repair the threads on the main shaft. Which worked out excellently.

USPS fails though. They were suppose to deliver the parts today but alas they haven’t. Hopefully tomorrow they will. Continue reading

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Jealous much?

First full tank of gas for Chiquita totaled a whopping $13.18, and that is after driving 5 miles after the light came on. I only put 3.5 gallons in the tank of regular unleaded fuel.

BUT the best part of this is miles per gallon. Get this, I got an impressive 49.67 MPG with mild flogging. That works out to $0.07447151 per mile which is much better than the 240’s $0.18852381 per mile. The oil companies will nickel and dime you to death. Continue reading

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Taking action.

I’ve narrowed my search down to two bikes.

Both Honda sport/supersport bikes made in this decade. Both are great handling and have won many awards and competitions.

Both are fuel injected, which I am more familiar with than the carburated systems on bikes; I honestly don’t understand why until 2000 carburated systems were dominate on motorcycles. The technology has been around since the 60’s and car manufactures started switching over in 1990. It is a much more efficient and tunable system. (Yea, screw R&D cost.)

Both are in the 1000CC engine class.

Both will cost in the excess of $120 per month for insurance.

Both produce in the excess of 130HP.

I currently am favoring the Honda RC51 over the Honda CBR1000RR:

One reason is it has V-twin which produces more torque at lower RPM than an Inline 4 (The other bike, Honda CBR1000RR). Which also makes it sound more similar to a Harley than a Honda Civic. The RC51 was a contender to the Ducati in the annual World Superbike Championships from 1990-2000, winning twice. Its not squid bait due to its relatively slowness in stock form (weight mostly). (Squid in motorcycle terms means someone who is: "Any of various neanderthal sportbike owners that ride carelessly & use poor judgement, consistently demonstrating a lack of common sense & similar to the motions of a real squid they are fast then slow, fast then slow (Fast in the straights & slow in the twisties…).") The RC51 will be cheaper in both initial cost and insurance. BUT it is supposedly heavier, dated technology (no real changes since 2002), gets 30-39mpgs (or even less when flogging it), and its aftermarket is geared more towards track (which really isn’t such a bad thing but does mean high cost for parts.)

Also I have registered for a MSF Basic Course:

I’ve decided to take this course so I have some riding experience, it will lower my insurance, and most of all should teach me the correct way to handle a bike (which I think is better than trial and error on my own bike.) Continue reading

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Motorcycles, the craft of riding.

Three weeks ago I thought I more or less understood motorcycles. Since then I’ve only began to realize the error of that assumption. I’ve been reading anything I can on motorcycles and people’s experiences with them. I plan to buy a motorcycle by May and hopefully ride well enough to take a long rode trip during my vacation in the latter part of the month.

The video above is some European examine for a motorcycle’s license. Its too bad that the licensing examines in America aren’t as stringent.

By the end of the weekend I plan to have read all the articles from Sport Rider magazine (all the way back from 95). Continue reading

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Automotive Machine for the win!

They fixed the problem with the middle stripped bolt hole on my KA24DE head. They even did it while I waited; which is awesome. Heli-coil for the win. Continue reading

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Bloody Hell! {British Accent Obviously}

As I suspected when I took the head off the car the first time, I noticed a few thread came out of the middle sprocket’s bolt hole. I mentioned it to the machine shop before having it resurfaced, they said not to worry. Well now there is no thread left. It happened while in the process of assembling the timing chain components. Started the bolt by hand, used it a wrench it felt a little strange, at about 20 ft/lbs of force it became easy to tighten. Continue reading

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