Rebuilding the NAS

Turns out I didn’t build a large enough NAS system.

As you can see there is roughly half a terabyte left. A few years ago that would be a ton of space but, as of late that isn’t much. This hasn’t helped:

I plan to build another NAS, or rather reconfigure the current one. Specifically by adding a few drives, adding more RAM, and converting over to FreeNAS 8.0 to use ZFS. ZFS stands for Z file system, it was developed by Sun microsystems as the ultimate file system. ZFS is a 128 bit file system, theoretically it can store ~256,000,000,000,000,000 ZettaBytes of data on a single zpool. I’d like to see one of those music, video, photo charts for that much data. A brief run down of ZFS’s features are as follows: transparent encryption, transparent compression, data deduplication, unlimited snapshots, mirroring, data stripping, parity redundancy, open sourced, data checksumming, and it’s wicked fast to name a few features.

My next few blog post will be regarding my transition to the new reconfigured NAS.

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