I canceled my mobile phone service.

I’ve been considering canceling my service since I moved out to New Mexico. The coverage is terrible due to hills/mountains out here and well $90 per month is $1080 per year. I could rattle off a few other reasons but at this point, what is done is done.

I ported my number to Google Voice and subscribed to Skype’s online number service. The total cost, per year, is going to be $150 with unlimited calls and texts (with a WiFi connection.) I’ve decided if I go off on vacation I’ll get a prepaid broadband service for the month so I don’t need a physical map and such. Google Maps is really nice I must admit.

***Update – 1 week later***
I’m amazed on how dependent I have become to having a mobile phone, specifically the data service. I still plan on not having phone service but it will be a difficult transition… I think for the best.

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  1. Christian says:

    Wow!! The same. Lol. You so just need to move out into the middle of the desert. Totally grow your own food and interact only when necessary with the towns people. Oh wait, you already have… lol..

    On a side note.. are you on gplus yet? I need to know how to work this thing. lol..

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