My first crash on the mountain bike.

Well as with all my mishaps I was quite fortunate. A drunk once told me “Just don’t react to the accident once you know you past the point of commit.” Okay there is a lot of paraphrasing but come on, it was a drunk guy; I received the gist of the message. This incident was no different.

I had this crazy idea to ride up to the ski basin after I got off work. According to Google Maps it should of took me 3 hours and 44 minutes. I’m not exactly sure on the heuristics used to figure that number but I figure I could beat it. And I pushed myself hard to do so. I made it up in 3 hours and 14 minutes, success right? Well I still had to make it back and it was ~7:30, I figured it wouldn’t take me as long to get back because it was mostly downhill. I was flying down the mountain, I passed a few cars actually which in itself is a rush. At one point I hit 39 MPH (according to the computer on the bike).

Did I mention I ran out of water once I reached the top. There is a refill station about half way down but on principle it is hard to stop when you are going fast and have to get home as quick as possible. So I passed up the refilling station and kept pushing myself to get home. Well I exerted myself too much and I was going through a very large intersection with a rail road diagonally cutting through it. I was too tired to do a wheelie over the track and the front tire got caught and my moment kept going straight. I hit the ground doing 25MPH. I landed on my shoulder first, then my body rolled a little, and the front sprocket dug into my shin area. My first thought after I knew I was crashing was “Shit my phone” as it was on a outside mesh pocket to get better GPS signal. It was fine. While I was laying on the ground I assessed I would get hit pretty soon so I jumped up and got my stuff out of the street. No visible damage to the bike. A couple of kids witnessed the crash and thought it was the coolest thing ever watching me crash and then jump up so quickly. I was spent and gave the kids some cash for some substances from the gas station. After some recouping with the water and sweets recently bought I went on home and fully assessed the damage to myself.

Worse of the damage (dumb luck right):
Worse of the damage from crash.

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