Different kind of riders, a reflection on collection of experiences from that era.

Riding Styles

This is a commentary piece of the different styles of motorcycle riding I encountered during my ownership of a crotchrocket.

Its easy to spot this type. They are timid and obviously aren’t fully comfortable with their bike. Generally the way they handle their bike in parking lots can tell you a lot about the rider. Hopefully you’ll never realize you are riding with a new rider in a corner.

These riders generally meet up at a local venue to chat about past experiences and general social conversations. These type of riders spend a lot of time not moving. And generally use a motorcycle to attract females for the purpose of fornicating.

These riders are generally wild and love the rush of adrenaline. Part of the reason they stunt is there competitiveness and partially due to the rush they get from the stunts. Generally have no/low concern for others, these riders type seems to attract some very immature riders.

These riders are pure riders, they enjoy riding from destination to destination but not thinking of it like that. They ride to enjoy the experience of riding and the stops along the way. Think of them as tourist in a all-in-one package on the motorcycle. There enjoyment is the journey and not exclusively to what’s experienced on the bike.

These are some crazy riders in themselves. Blasting knees isn’t a big deal, reducing lap time is where their focus is.

Very similar to track only riders except they don’t have a concern for themselves or others and take the same track level of riding to the streets. No reserves just balls-out-riding all the time. My favorite type of rider.

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  1. Nics says:

    You know, since I have health insurance from work now, I’m so tempted to get a bike, lol.

  2. Christian says:

    You had in fort worth… mhm… any who.. i need some help setting up port forwarding with a netgear router WNR3500 with my xbox… 😉 please help pilgram..

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