Adventures of the last few days. (A drafted post from a few weeks ago)

A couple of weeks ago my motorcycle was taken from in front of my condo and I haven’t seen it since. To be honest I’m a little glad, I should get more money from the insurance company than I would of felt comfortable asking for it in a private sale. I tore that bike up, mostly the engine.

Well with the bike gone I sure as heck didn’t want to keep the truck. It was old, diesel, and turns as well a a yacht does. I put it on Craigslist and priced it below KBB hoping it would sell quickly. It being a turbo diesel work truck I figured it would. Well it took about 3 weeks which is a little long than previous vehicles I have sold on CL. I eventually sold it to a woman who lived 20 minutes from the Colorado border. She didn’t have a car and didn’t have a way to get to Santa Fe. If it sold the truck I would drive that far (3 hour drive). Well she wanted me to drive up there on a Thursday as she had commitments that weekend. So after work I start driving out to her place, I eventually arrive at 9pm in a storm. A storm which she is unwilling to drive me back in.

Also due to this storm, water is running down the hill her house is at the base of, straight into her house under the front door. So after spending 2 hours scooping water out of her house I tried to fall asleep in one of her guest bedrooms. Very unsuccessfully. My alarm went off at 4am and well I was mostly conscious already. We discuss the final arrangements for signing the title over, she then drove me back. Well she was a little timid driving at speed through the mountain passes and made me late to work. Oh well I figured as I sold the truck.

During all of this and several months previous actually I had been looking at buying a Miata. Ever since 2004 I’ve wanted one when a friend asked me to change the oil her 1990 Miata which she lent me for a weekend. After changing the oil and driving it a bit I didn’t want to give it back and even offered to buy it from her.

Unfortunately there weren’t any good deals in Albuquerque or Santa Fe for a Miata. However there were a couple in Colorado Springs that I wanted to check out as they looked promising. But there was a bit of a problem, Colorado Springs is a 5 hours drive from where I live and even further walk considering I didn’t have a car. But I had a plan. So Saturday afternoon I walked to the train station (9 miles), then took the train to Albuquerque (54 miles), then walked again (300 feet) to the bus station, took the bus to Colorado Springs (380 miles). One of the sellers was willing to meet me at the bus station so I could check out the car.

Over the years I checked out several Miata and this one was, without the extras, in good condition considering the price. The extras were a bit of a bonus (the hardtop and extra set of wheels). The only problem with the car is the engine, specifically it was one of the early Miatas with the short nose crank. I’ve still in the process of buying parts and gaining knowledge to fix it but should be a fairly straightforward process. I should have the car running by winter as I don’t really have a need for a car until then.

Here is a photo of her:

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