A conversion to the Android OS via the Nexus One from the perspective of a long time Apple / iPhone fan boy.

Let’s start off by giving some perspective on the writer’s tech background. I started out using Yahoo as my primary search engine when I came to the computing world but found the front page to be full of bloat. Around the same time of this realization I found Google. Then, a search engine was a search engine, I typed stuff in and roughly the same thing came out. Much like a smartphone is a smartphone, or so I thought. Apple’s iPhone was released and for a time it didn’t phase me. It was a phone and I had a phone, one that worked, “Why would I need another phone” I thought. Well enough time lapsed for the second generation iPhone to come out.

At the time I had been selling a lot of items of eBay and needed to keep up with current and potential customers while at my real-day-non-desk-job. A smartphone was an easy solution and at the time the iPhone had no competition. So that’s what I got from Craigslist, a used second generation iPhone that I had verified could be jailbroken and unlocked for use on T-Mobile’s network.

Initially I thought the phone was great. It had many more features than my trusty Nokia. A plethora of applications for anything you could think of. Plus it fulfilled my need to check my emails and interact on eBay’s site. After enough time and many updates to the OS on the iPhone I realized it was slow and laggy. Something which annoyed me terribly, plus I was limited to 2G service being that T-Mobile uses different 3G bands than any iPhone uses. At this point I started searching for a new phone.

Ironically at the time I was looking for a new phone I heard that Google had released a phone. The Nexus One certainly has some impressive specs for a phone. A 1Ghz processor, MicroSD card use, 512MB RAM, HSPDA Network, LED-lit screen, 5MP camera just to rattle off a few. Most things I buy used from Craigslist or eBay but the Nexus One was to recently released and actually was going for a higher a price on eBay than it was selling from Google for. So I bought my phone from Google without contract, a steep price for a phone surely but cheaper than if I would of gone the same route for a 3Gs iPhone.

I received the N1 from Google the next day via FedEx Overnight shipping. That was certainly plus in my book. I turned it on and well it was a learning curve. It took about 2 days to get used to but Androids is such a great and well designed OS. The integration between applications on Android is impressive. Not to mention the phone is so much faster than my previous iPhone. I’ve since used other older phones running Android and it’s impressive how Android manages resources even on older phones.

Android 2.2 is incredible fast, much faster than iOS4 or any other phone OS out there. I can’t see a reason to switching phone OSes anytime soon.

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