Ditching AT&T for T-Mobile after 6 years of wireless service.

After more than 6 years of wireless service with AT&T I’ve decided to move on. I’ve had the same plan since I signed up with them. It was an awesome plan. 1050 minutes anytime minutes, unlimited incoming text, free long distance, unlimited nights, unlimited weekends, and unlimited mobile to mobile minutes for $39.99. The only thing this plan was missing was a texting plan. Which until recently wasn’t a problem. Until about a year ago sending a text message cost $0.10, which wasn’t much as I only sent a handful a month. AT&T has upped the price to $0.20 per text which in addition to my more frequent texting have added up quickly to $15-20 more a month. AT&T won’t allow me to add a texting plan to my ‘legacy AT&T plan’ which they pretty much don’t want to honor but have to legally. So for a lack of better way to put it, they can suck it (complete with former WWF hand gestures.)

After comparing AT&T and TMobile’s plans, services, and phones. And AT&T refusing to give me an awesome deal over the phone, in person, and on the web, I’ve decided to try T-Mobile. I just wanted all fees waived as loyal customer, didn’t seem like an unreasonable request. I mean I have spent roughly $4200 since signing up with them.

T-Mobile is going to waive the activation fee and provide next day shipping at no cost; so that’s a plus right off the bat. Anything that sounds to good to be true, I generally view as a huge risk. So I checked out google and ripoffreport.com for any recent failures of service. AT&T actually has more complaints; some of which I have experienced (such as text not going through immediately or at all).


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