Install options used for iDeneb 1.4 install on HP m9340f.

These are the options I selected for my current running install. This gave me the quickest responding system (recognized processor), the video card and monitor were recognized, the wireless worked (granted the wireless wasn’t exactly Mac smooth), audio works, Firewire works, sleep works.

The issues I have had with this particular install is:
Shutdown and Restart hang after it has complete the power down cycle.
After several sleep and resume cycles the Ethernet fails to be able to grab a DHCP address and manually setting it doesn’t resolve the communication problem.

I ended up downloading the proper Ethernet driver and installing it after the initial system install. The wireless was way to hacky for me.

Patches 10.5.6 Ready
>>>ALC888 Patched by Taruga
>>>>ALC888 6 Ports

>>ICHx Fixed


>>>>NVinject 0.2.1 512MB

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2 Responses to Install options used for iDeneb 1.4 install on HP m9340f.

  1. Damien says:

    I have the same computer, I selected all the options you selected. After install and reboot it came up with a new hardware or software error and that’s as far as I could get on it. Any help would be great thx

  2. rick says:

    i have the same computer but can’t get to work
    if you could help me that be great

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