A use for Vista.

When initially setting up the OSX86 system there seemed to be uses for other OSes on occasion. I figured I’d use Linux on occasion to flash my Openmoko device. On even rarer occasion, boot to Vista to have a good laugh and maybe run a some proprietary piece of software that doesn’t have a suitable equivalent. NTFS-3G module was providing writing capabilities on my NTFS storage partitions bridging the OSes together.

This notion of multiple boot system was proven wrong with the discovery of Parallels. A hardware virtualization application for OSX that allow direct access of the hardware for a OS running on top of an already running OS. Pretty much run an OS on top of another without rebooting exclusively into that OS at nearly the same speed as running it natively . Plus Parallels has all these bells of and whistles which make it run practically seamless on the host OS. For example the “Coherence” feature, it is so neat. That feature removes the desktop of the guest OS and runs the application right next to your host’s OS applications.

OSX host with Microsoft Office running on Windows in coherence mode shown with Expose:

I neared deleting the Vista partition because I hadn’t planned on using it. I had a XP installation with Parallels. That is until I realized the cause of the slow write speeds of to my storage devices. The once praised NTFS-3G, is slow at writing and also wasn’t exactly bug free. Turns out Vista’s usefulness has been redeemed by running checkdisk on said NTFS storage partitions which will allow me to resize them to smaller partitions while transferring the data over to a HFS+ partition. Don’t get me wrong, the developers at NTFS-3G are amazing and have made great strides to bridging the gap but it isn’t current state isn’t something that I would want for my 1TB of none backed up storage. Perhaps a RAID array is in order.

A review on Parallels.

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