I’ve joined the club.

That is the club: “those who have fell down on a motorcycle.”

Earlier this week I wrecked the motorcycle going North on 820 by dragging my bars against a car that moved over further than I had anticipated. AND no I was not splitting lanes or more commonly referred to as “going in-between cars” by the non-moto population.

I believe I hit the pavement going approximately 70MPH. I rode away on the bike from the incident with deep tissue damage on my calf but my skin and bones were intact. I actually submitted myself to the ER.

I’m in awe from the incident.

Wear your leathers, helmet, boots, and gloves! In my opinion my gear without a doubt contributed to me not getting rashed up or worse. My leather jacket is actually trashed, as in I wouldn’t feel safe crashing in it again. I fell on course wavy concrete, think cheese shredder. A mesh jacket would of impacted and from there it would of been a nasty mess. I actually went to work the next day.

I am really amazed…

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  1. danni says:

    glad to know you’re not seriously hurt or dead

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