Becoming a redneck… or something.

Well I sold the 240SX last week. This weekend after I corner work at ECR and replace the seals on my forks I am going to go look at and probably buy a truck. “A truck, WTF?” I know, right. I am buying it mostly for track days, partially for something that is going to take the brunt of my non motorcycle commuting miles, partially because its a diesel which is bad ass if you ask me. I mean what kind of unleaded petroleum vehicle is going to get a 650 mile fuel tank range?, and should make moving easier in the future.

I am going to have a GM ASE certified mechanic at my disposal while I check out the truck and pretty much base my discussion on his opinion of the truck. And as always with most of my purchases I believe I am getting an awesome deal, which hopefully offsets the huge 72.66% loss I took on the 240. My goal of this truck is to be more turn key reliable than the Saturn. Which I think the Saturn has only been a by-chance reliable vehicle.

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  1. Nics says:

    Ok, so what kind of truck are we talking about here? Is it american? Or are you doing some crazy japanese truck thing?

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