With warm weather comes awesome riding.

Sunday was a crazy day. It started off as a mild jog through twisties. The day progressed and we were invited to ride with one of DFW’s best stunters through twities; at first I thought “How fun is it going to be riding twisites with a known stunter?” Well it was stupid fun. He walked away from me in the twisites; and the only reason I caught up at one point was a train, literally. Then we got on the interstate and my bike might as well had been a bicycle; I didn’t hear from my friend that kept up until 90 minutes later. He had a good story of the events that unraveled. That experience was humbling. I am looking forward to my track days this year, 12 total. I want a faster bike. The SV will be paid for later this month and the savings for next one begins (no full coverage next time around.) This next bike will be one that I originally was looking into 10 months ago. I’m leaning to the smoothness of an I4 this time; and retiring the SV as a track bike if a friend doesn’t buy it in May.

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