Yet another piece of technology that was adopted from futuristic technology in media.

I’m referring to StarTrek’s PADD or Personal Access Display Device shown on so many episodes of the various StarTreks.


I realize that the Amazon Kindle has been out since November 2007 but I did not look into it because… several reasons. It didn’t seem catchy at the time, I rarely read physical books, the targeted ebooks for the Kindle are Digital Rights Managed (DRM) system, and the keyboard/controls are the opposite of sleek.


Apparently one year earlier Sony released a similar e-paper or E-ink device. Named the PRS-500, which had a 6″ screen, 4 level gray scale, and limited ebook formats supported. It’s amazing how the Kindle seemed like the first ereader.

Sony PRS-500

One of the great advantages of the e-ink screen is they consume no power to display an image. They only consume power to change the image. This is possible through the control of pigment via static electricity of tiny capsules making up pixels.

Cybook Gen 3

The eBook scene has slowly grown; so more and more eReader have enter the market both locally and across the globe. The latest announced reader is the Plastic Logic which will use a 10.7″ screen, with unknown levels of gray scale (expect 8 or more), many supported ebook formats, touch screen, Microsoft Office document support, and wireless syncing.

Plastic Logic Prototype.

And there really is a forum board for everything: MobileRead

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