Well this is a bugger.

Well I think I just got an eviction notice; more or less.

The owner of the house recently had a lot of family issues come up (mother’s bad health, half sister abandonned 5 children onto him & sister & mother, and his younger brother just got out of prison). Only I could attract people like this. At any rate he feels its better for him to move closer to old-home to help his sister take on this burden of 5 children which means buying another house because as he put it “rent is wasting money.”

He technically didn’t say “Hey I’m selling the house.” but “selling the house” was on a list of possible options (as well as various forms of renting) he went over with me; also seemed like the most likely as he didn’t seem to want to have any additional worries; I can’t blame him.

So it seems I am on the hunt for another dwelling; this place was awesome while it lasted but it is what it is.

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