Another route and Chiquita news.

This is the most optimized route so far. It has some of the best curves (assuming they have completed work on FM 917).

Also it seems I’ve blown $220.19 on various parts for the SV to return it to good condition. Replaced the air filter, changed a couple of parts for the clutch lever, bought a new front tire as I’m at the indicator, bought sliders for the second time (first time they were out of stock and voided the transaction without a heads up). After all that I still need to get the tire mounted/balanced and also I think the front pads need replacing.

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2 Responses to Another route and Chiquita news.

  1. Uzo says:

    High Maintainence…

  2. admin says:

    You also have to consider I ride the shit of my bike and drive the crap out of the car. I actually spend more money on the car per mile than I do the bike.

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