NAS v3

This is the 3rd revision of my home server setup. I’ve sold or am in the process of selling the remainder of every part from version 2.x. The only thing that remains is the data that’s been transferred to the new drives.

The first curious thing you may notice is I bought used WD Red drives. I bought them on I bought them used because after reading the reviews on, there seemed to be a lot of DOA and early failures. I figured by buying used they would have already failed on the previous owners. Also they were about $15/drive cheaper. At any rate ZFS will keep the data safe if there’s a failure at this point.

Currently I have the Dell running an ESXi hypervisor. Among the VMs running is: pfSense acting as the WAN router, a Solaris 11 instance acting as the data storage server, and a fair amount VMs for playing. The Solaris instance utilizes the LSI non-RAID HBA card and the SAS 12x expansion box. Currently only 8 of the 12 drive bays are being used. 6x drives for the RAIDZ2 array, 2x drives for the datastore, 2x drives for an offsite backup for a friend’s data, and 1x drive as a cold spare.

For future expansion I plan on purchasing 6x more Red drives, an iStarUSA 1U SAS Expansion box that has 4x 3.5″ Bays with a single SFF-8088 port, and 2x Western Digital 4TB Enterprise drives to replace the 2TB consumer drives. The iStarUSA SAS box will house the datastore array drives and an offsite backup array for a friend. The enterprise drives are meant to give better IO performance for the NFS datastore and the Red drives will give another 11TB of double parity data.

That’s all for now. In the near future I’ll be making a post with my rack setup.

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