A suggestion for Facebook and other similar social networking sites.

As a recent convert to an unlimited text plan and receiving the bill I begin to wonder how I got through a pay per text arrangement. More importantly the social contract with peers. For example a coworker of the same age is contingent about giving his number out because he is concerned with receiving texts messages as he pays AT&T $0.20 per text; which does add up quickly. He’s so contingent that he actually makes you verbally agree not to send him text messages before giving up his number. Now this made me ponder how other’s handle this situation; previous to having an unlimited text plan myself, I would receive text for free so I really didn’t have to give a similar disclaimer to friends about my texting policy, I would just tell them the next time I saw them I don’t have free texts which is why I didn’t respond; unless it was an emergency or had some urgency but didn’t justify a phone call.

So my suggestion to Facebook and other social networking sites that have your phone number listed is to add a field adjacent to the number with your texting policy; or an icon perhaps. It can be embarrassing situation to come out to your friend with an unlimited texting plan and say stop texting me; and ignoring them is a little far and damaging to get the point across non-verbally.

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